Sales Careers at CONMED Information

At CONMED, we believe in doing right by our customers and our sales representatives. We strive to maximize every sales representative’s opportunity to succeed, grow and prosper.

Every day as a medical device sales representative for CONMED is challenging, exciting, invigorating, rewarding and meaningful.

Every morning, you leap out of bed, determined to grow your business. Confident in the broad array of new and proven products you have to offer. You are an expert resource for your customers: solving problems and helping surgeons and clinicians achieve superior outcomes for their patients.

Above all, as a sales representative for CONMED products, you stand for integrity - in the choices you make, in the outstanding quality of products you sell, and of the company you represent.


As a sales representative for CONMED, you will have every opportunity to succeed.

Great Training 
You’ll have a variety of top-notch training resources available to help you become an expert on our products:

  • On-line training covers topics like anatomy and detailed product lessons to develop your knowledge and keep it fresh.
  • In-depth, hands-on training at division headquarters will arm you with valuable information and competitive insights.
  • You will work with experienced mentors who want to help you succeed (and beat the competition).

Enthusiastic Support 
You can rely on the wholehearted support of the entire CONMED team as you continue to learn and grow your business.

  • Proactive customer service representatives handle routine orders and work closely with you to solve problems and exceed your customers’ expectations.
  • Product managers who constantly share new insights, updates and information to give you a competitive edge in the field.
  • Our stable, approachable management team is tangibly invested in your success through helping you build key relationships and celebrating your achievements.

From excellent training to the enthusiastic support of the entire CONMED team, we want you to have the right tools, training and support so that you can focus your time and energy on identifying new opportunities, penetrating accounts and closing deals.